2014 Senior Mock DUI Presentation at Metea Valley High School



Metea stood strong to our commitment to the message of “DUI is not an accident… it’s a Crime!”.  Images below are from The Senior Mock DUI Presentation.  It was a powerful re-enactment complete with all of our city’s emergency support services present.

A BigThanks to Joy Ross.

Individual Action Photos – Metea Water Polo


This is the second set of individual photos taken before a game.  The first was in our black (Home) caps – this session was in our white (visitor) caps.

2014 – Race 1 – Concept Haulers Motor Speedway

Sample photos from Race 1 at Concept Haulers Motor Speedway in Norway,


Meet the Mustang Water Polo Players


Metea Valley High School Mustangs Boys Water Polo Players.  Most of the players were present for the pre game warm up Tues when I took action images of the players on the team.  Those missing will get their photos taken later.


Deep Mud

The images below are from our travels leaving the Sandoval Lake Lodge. After crossing the lake with our guide and porter we hiked 2 miles to the location where we meet our boat ride back to Puerto Maldonado.

Sandoval Lake, Peru



Once we finished with our cruz and left Lima we flew to Puerto Maldonado and then traveled on to  Sandoval Lake.  We spent four nights at the lodge on the lake.  The lake can only be reached by taking a 30 min boat ride up the river to your jumping off point.  Then hiking 2 miles (of mud in the wet season) where you find your boat for a trip across the lake to the lodge.  I forgot to say that the mud is a foot deep in some places so it is slow going but well worth it.

The images below are from our stay.

New Corvette



Our friends that own Concept Haulers Motor Speedway stopped by today after they just picked up their new Stingray.  What a nice car it had a total of 20 miles on it.  460 HP.  7 speed man. Limited edition – one of only 500 ZR1 with special options which included custom luggage.


Lima Peru


, , ,

Our recent cruz finished in Lima Peru.  We had booked a tour that visited some of the Monasteries in the central city.  As it turned out we traveled between the Monasteries by walking through the City Square.  The date for this venture was Feb. 2nd and we stumbled on a parade.

Virgen de la Candelaria (Candlemas), Puno lives up to its billing as Folk Capital of the Americas with this festival, which gathers more than 200 musicians and dance troupes. On the festival’s main day, February 2, the Virgen is led through the city in a colorful procession of priests and pagans carefully maintaining the hierarchy. Especially thrilling is the dance of the demons, or la diablada. Dancers in wild costumes and masks blow panpipes and make offerings to the earth goddess Pachamama.

The images below were taken while walking from one location to another.


Metea Valley Water Polo Facility



Sometime things just workout.  I retired from teaching at the end of the 2008-2009 school year and was hired at that time to coach water polo at the new Metea Valley High School which was opened in 2009.  A few years earlier I was involved with the design of the pool for Metea.  Looking at the images below you can see that the facility can be set up in such a manner that allowed 5 individual practice areas that are all deep water and that the pool can be set up as two all deep scrimmage areas – one 20 yards by 12 yards the other 13 yards wide and about 30 yards long.

I want to thank Principal Jim Schmid and the first Athletic Director Tom Schweer for bringing me on board.  It was such a joy this Saturday to be working in this facility with the boys and girls of Indian Prairie School District.

The images below are from our recent Saturday practice.  Both the boys and girls teams shared the pool with a total of about 55 players present.  The teaching pool which is only 3ft deep was also used. The images below were stitched together in photoshop from multiple individual photos taken on my I phone as I panned across the pool from left to right


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