City tour of Trier, Germany


Sept 7th 2021 – City tour of Trier

At one point in history Trier, the oldest city in Germany, and under the Roman Empire was the 4th largest city in the world,  Larger cities included Rome and Athens 

Trier has more Roman structures than any European city outside of Rome and was also the birthplace of Karl Marx.  

On our tour we traveled by bus to the top of a hill over looking the area, Next we were dropped near the historic town centre for a walking tour that included visiting churches and Roman ruins which finished at a still standing Roman City Gate.  

Riding the Subway in Paris France


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Sept. 5th 2021 – While on a Viking cruise that started in Paris we took the subway from our hotel to the Montmartre Hill area where you could look down on the city. On the way there we walked about 3/4 mile to get on a line that when directly to Montmartre. On the way back we walked less but had to transfer trains and used two different lines.