Hoyerswerda – Germany

July 24th 2018

Traveled to Hoyerswerda which is in the former East Germany. Getting there on the Autobahn was different – going 90 MPH in the slow lane and a BMW zooms by like I was standing still.   Becky’s contact was a distant cousin who grew up during WW2  in a town that was right on the east-west border.  His story was very interesting.  Not that I could talk to him.  I speak no German and he speaks no English.  It was a good thing that Becky had 4 years of German in High School.   He remembers things such as his mother telling him growing up that Hitler was good for Germany before they went to war.  While Becky’s contact now lives in Hoyerswerda, he grew up in a small town just 12 miles from Coburg.  Because Coburg was on the Western side of the border and his town was in the Eastern side the result was that he was cut off from relatives. In the 50’s Hoyerswerda had a population of about 7,000 in the 70’s and 80s’ it grew to 70,000 as there was local coal mining.  As the  mines have moved farther away  the the population has dropped to 30,000.  While Hoyerswerda is an old town, most of the building are all from the 1950’s or newer as everything was destroyed during WW2.  Street names are listed in both German and Polish. We visited the old town and learned that most of the population is located in the new town area, high rise apartment blocks built during the Soviet era.  There had been some sort of local celebration which was the reason for umbrella hung between the buildings in the central area of the old town.


Veste Coburg


July 23rd 2018 was a leisurely day.

We visited the site of the oldest residence in Coburg and in the afternoon we took a walk to an overpass that crossed the railway line on the edge of the old town.  I had noticed earlier in the week while traveling by car on this overpass that you could get a nice view of the castle (Veste Coburg).  The typical image is taken during a walk through the city park up to the castle. There is a location where there is an opening in the trees and you can see the castle, but the trees still block the view of the lower levels. The view from the bridge is much higher allowing the lower levels of the castle to be included.

Coburg at Night


July 22nd 2018

I had taken a few days to make the adjustment to the German time zone after arriving from Chicago and this was the first evening that we were able to stay awake and view Coburg in the evening.

Elle in the morning.

A few images of my brother Tim’s grand daughter at breakfast and on the move after.

More Coburg Images


July 22nd 2018 –Coburg Congress House-Rose Garden-Ferns – Castle Photos – More Brats

We walked to some places we had not visited and to some that we had.   We went to the rose garden which also included a visit to the fern house.  The fern house also had some small birds.  At one end of the garden was the Congress House (City Hall) (White building).  We walked up the hill to visit the Natural History Museum and also took some photos with the Castle in the background.  Of course we had to make at least two stops at the main square for the world famous brats.

Coburg – Local Church – Castle Museum


July 21st 2018

It rained all day long so we were indoors just about all day.  We spent the day with a acquaintance of Becky’s relatives.  We first stopped at a local church before going on to visit the museum inside the castle. Our final stop was visiting the friends home in a near by town during the late afternoon.

Schloss Rosenau, Coburg


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July 20th 2018

The fields and the Glass Museum were all on the Schloss Roseau property a short drive from Coburg.  The bridge was near our lunch stop.  Photos were not allowed in the house.

7/19-Stafffelberg Lookout – Sesslach


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July 19th 2018

We visited the Staffelberg Lookout and the walled town of Sesslach. We traveled from Coburg to Staffelberg and parked about 1K below the look out.  It was a steep climb but well worth the view. There was a small church at the look out.  We visited a second church before going to the small walled town of Sessiach. The last stop of the day was at the former home of Becky’s great aunt that lived in Coburg.

Coburg Germany



July 18th 2018 –

We spent the day visiting sites in Coburg including the main square and the local castle. We arrived in Coburg the night before after driving from Ingolstadt.

Audi Forum Ingolstadt Germany


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July 16th 2018 – Visited the Audi Forum which includes the Factory, Museum and Car Delivery Center.   Months earlier we ordered an Audi S5 with European Delivery.  You receive a 5% discount on the cost of the car and get to drive it in Europe before it is shipped back to the US. We picketed up our new car at 9:30, and had English speaking delivery person go over all the features and there were some that I did not know about.  At 11:30 we did a 2 hour tour of the factory(Part at least) and saw at least several billion dollars worth of robots either assembling the car of helping. No photos allowed in the factory. In the afternoon we visited the museum. When arriving we received a wrist ban that allowed us to eat for free all day long, and we did.  It takes 11 to 13 weeks after drop off for the car to arrive at your local dealer.