In the last few weeks I took photos for the Waubonsie Valley Orchesis group and the Boys swim Team at Metea Valley.  Most of the images were the normal group photos.  Team Photo for the Boys and group poses for the different Orchesis acts.  The senior girls in Orchesis wanted to do something we had done in the past.  The girls would lay in a circle on the floor with their heads in the center.  Normally we would do this in the school atrium and I would shoot from the 2nd floor.  This photo was a little different in that we couldn’t use the atrium.  The girls image was taken with a fish eye lens.  I stood to the side reaching over the top of the group as best I could.  The image was cropped to take my feet out.  The boys swim team was just the opposite – camera on the floor – the group around the camera – leaning in.  A fish eye was not needed this time – but a 20mm wide angle – full frame was used.