Over the last few weeks I have photographed the Orchesis Dance Groups at both Waubonsie and Metea Valley.  The Waubonsie photos are High Key (White Background) and the Metea Photos were Low Key (Black Background).   The Waubonsie Photos were taken in their dance room with white paper covering the mirror on the wall.  Four strobes were used.  Two for that background and two in front of the group.  The background lights were set at the lowest power level to prevent blowing out the white and bleeding on to the subjects.  Six strobes were used at Metea.  Photos were taken in the schools black box theater.  It was nice to have all of that room to use.   Two strobes were used to light the group.  Two strobes were used at FULL power to give some depth to the background.  The final two strobes were as high as possible and behind the group placed just out of view to provide an edge/hair light, again so the subjects would not blend in with the background.