This past summer we visited friends at their lake house in the Upper Peninsula of Michgan.  Each morning the family dog, LuLu, loved to go for a run.  The owners would drive their golf cart over a three mile distance and LuLu would run the back country roads.  Some times LuLu would lead while other times she would follow.  I thought that if we could get LuLu to run at the side of the cart it might be a chance to get some nice action shots. Over several days I would ride along and hold on to the golf cart with one hand and hanging out the side to get the camera as close as possible to the ground with the other hand  taking as many images as possible.  LuLu seemed to understand that something different was happening and at times would look over at the camera.    Images were taken with a wide angel lens (20 mm or 24 mm) and at shutter speeds ranging from 1/125 to 1/1250.  The slower shutter speeds allowed for motion blur of the background while the faster ones did a better job of stopping the action.