Pitcairn Islands – only about 30% of the ships that stop are able to go ashore because of the weather. We were not part of the 30% – We visited the island on Jan. 8th 2013.  The island has only 50 people that live there and they have made arrangements to build a better dock so more ships will be able to tender passengers to the island.  It is expected to take two years to build the dock and roads need. The islanders came to the ship and set up shop on board to sell their goods.  I think they make more money on the ship than if people were able to get off.  One of the locals gave a talk showed images from on the island and answered questions.  ½ of the pop. is over age 50 so they are doing things to increase the population with a goal of 300 total residents.  We counted 37 of the 50 in the boat they used to come aboard the ship, just about 75% of the island population.  The residents receive supplies and mail just 4 times a year, once every 4 months.  The cruise ship opened their on board shops to the residents, who quickly cleaned out the supply of candy and also purchased supplies such as fruit from the kitchen.

From Wikipedia: The Pitcairn Islands , officially named the Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Islands, are a group of four volcanic islands in the southern Pacific Ocean that form a British Overseas Territory. The four islands – Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie, and Oeno – are spread over several hundred miles of ocean and have a total land area of about 47 square kilometres (18 sq mi). Only Pitcairn, the second largest and measuring about 3.6 kilometres (2.2 mi) from east to west, is inhabited.

The island is inhabited by the descendants of the Bounty mutineers and the Tahitians  (or Polynesians) who accompanied them, an event retold in numerous books and films. This history is still apparent in the surnames of many of the islanders. With only about 50 inhabitants (currently from four main families: Christian, Warren, Young and Brown), Pitcairn is the least populous jurisdiction in the world. The United Nations Committee on Decolonisation includes the Pitcairn Islands on the United Nations list of Non-Self-Governing Territories.

It is a two day trip by cruise ship from Easter Island to Pitcairn Island.