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Our recent cruz finished in Lima Peru.  We had booked a tour that visited some of the Monasteries in the central city.  As it turned out we traveled between the Monasteries by walking through the City Square.  The date for this venture was Feb. 2nd and we stumbled on a parade.

Virgen de la Candelaria (Candlemas), Puno lives up to its billing as Folk Capital of the Americas with this festival, which gathers more than 200 musicians and dance troupes. On the festival’s main day, February 2, the Virgen is led through the city in a colorful procession of priests and pagans carefully maintaining the hierarchy. Especially thrilling is the dance of the demons, or la diablada. Dancers in wild costumes and masks blow panpipes and make offerings to the earth goddess Pachamama.

The images below were taken while walking from one location to another.