May 31st –  We visited Forza d’Agro, an old city in the hills outside the port. There were visited two old churches, walked the narrow streets and walkways and ended up at a tavern where we enjoyed a refreshing lemon granita.  Forza d’Agro was the location for several scenes from the Godfather 1 and Godfather 3 movies.  From Forza d’Agro we wound back down the road with multiple switchbacks down to sea level and back up another set of switchbacks to reach the town of Taormina.  Taormina was made popular in the late 1800’s by writings of people such as Goethe who said what a lovely town it was.  It became a resort for the wealthy of Europe with its mild winter weather.  We had time to walk the streets, which had many designer type stores. On the way we saw two wedding parties who were being photographed there.