I have been scanning old negatives and putting them on Facebook to share with my relatives when I came across this negative which is very special to me.  It is of my grandparents on the Musch’s side. Not because it is a great or even an in focus image.  I understand only now why as a youngster I could never take a sharp in focus head and shoulders image, and yes I did try between the age of 5 and 9.  The fixed focus lens on a box camera is just that fixed.  It is fixed for taking scenery and for something to be sharp the camera must be held still (Slow Shutter Speed) and at least 10 maybe 15 feet away.  If you look at the image below you can see that the house numbers behind the people are sharp while the people are closer to the camera and are blurry, but not as noticeable if the image is not enlarged.

Many of the negatives I have scanned are images that I took. Others are older or that I am in the photo are images that I think my father tool.  Some of the images I have scanned, I remember taking the photo. I remember clearly taking this image and that is one of the reasons this image is special to me.  The Musch grandparents in this image gave me my first camera at about age 5.  My grandparents were very reluctant to have me take their picture, and I must have been persistent as I have the image, but that is one of the reasons I remember taking the photo. I took other images that day but don’t have a clue which ones they are.  I didn’t know it at the time but my grandfather had cancer which looking back,  it is understandable that he was reluctant to be photographed.  As far as I know this is also the last image of my grandparents taken together,  which again makes it special to me. I have no images similar to this of my grandparents on the Grigson side of the family as my Grigson grandfather died also of cancer prior to my getting a camera.

After a period of time (many years perhaps 15) when I noticed that my grandmother had no photos of her with my grandfather displayed, I made an 8×10 enlargement of this image and gave it to her as a Christmas present.  I never knew if it was something that she prized, but it is something I am very lucky to have.