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Feb. 15th 2017  Today we stopped at the small village of Boca de Valeria on the Amazon river.    All the people from surrounding villages also came by boat to participate in the days activities – which are mostly selling boat rides, souvenirs or charging to have photos taken.  People either had a local animal such as a sloth, parrot, caiman, lizard or were dressed in native costume for photos.  People also invited you to visit in there home,  but charged for that as well.  We road to shore with the ships Captan and he told us the water was 200 feet deep in this part of the river and that he was here just 3 months ago and the water level was up 16 feet and not even near where it will be during the rainy season.  No photo but we saw a black and yellow poison dart frog. Very small and the liquid on the outside of the frog is what is used to make poison darts.

Ever wonder what happens to the old lost and found on a cruise ship?  They give it to the villages at a stop like this, along with school items and cans of soft drinks.

FIY – You wouldn’t know, but the last photo is an image of a Pink Dolphin.