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Feb. 9th 2017 – Our ship drop anchor off the coast of French Guiana at Devil’s Island.  We only had 3 and 3/4 hours on shore before we were off sailing again.  The day before we arrived we heard a lecture about Devils Island and the French prison in Guiana and we also watched the Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman movie Papillon. We were able to visit Ile Royale.

There are three islands.  Ile Royale – the administrative island – which included the isolation cells.  Ile Set-Joseph part of the penal system and Ile du Diable (Devils Island) were political prisoners were sent.  You can’t  really get to Ile du Diable as it is totally closed.  When it was used as a prison everything went from Ile Royale to Ile du Diable by an over the water cable from one island to the other.  Last in use 1953.