Feb. 19th 2017 – After two days at sea our ship spent the day in Fortaleza Brazil.   It was Sunday which was good because we didn’t have to deal with the normal bad traffic in the city, but not so good as most everything was closed.  Even the church we visited was locked when we arrived.  The person that was to open the building showed up almost 30 min. late.  The wealthy lived along the beach and in one area just outside of the city.  Everyone else was not so lucky, but the beach was a public area open to the public and used by everyone.  We did notice that in the areas for each of our three stops there was a large police presents.  Made us feel safe for sure but we wondered if it was safe in other areas.  Our tour did not stop at the beach – just drove along the beach so we could see it.  We made three stops. First at the old jail made into tourist shops with a Handicrafts,  second the Jose de Alencar Theater  and the third St. Joseph’s Cathedral.