July 28th 2018-Scholoss Neuschwasnstein

In Munich we took the subway to the main train station and picked up our tour to the Castle.  It was a two hour train ride to the town and a 10 min. bus ride to the bottom of the hill. A 20 min wait for the bus that dropped you off up in the hills (7 Min ride) near a lookout (15-20 Min wait to get on the Bridge) where you can get the view looking down on the Castle.   From there it is a 15 min walk to the Castle.  A tour of the Castle is a little over 25 min from the start to the finish.  Tours start every 5 min. You are given a start time on your ticket,  ours was 3:30.  Our ticket would only open the entrance gate from 3:30 to 3:35.  Miss that time slot and you are out of luck. Our time slot was for an English speaking guide. It only took 25 min to view the Castle as we only viewed the portion that was completed (no photos allowed).  Most of the Castle was never finished so they didn’t take the time to show it to you.  You could have all the time you wanted in the gift shop and cafe.     Do you think the castle at Disney (Land or World) has similar characteristics?.