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July 31st 2018 – Viking Travel to Moscow from Munich Germany.

The airports filled up a good part of the day with normal check in, security check,  2x passport control and 2x customs.  The flight was 3 hours and 20 min.

The travel from the Moscow airport to our ship was about 2 hours – not because of the distance but because the traffic was stop and go most all the way.   5 lane road in both directions – just full of cars (Most non-Russian-all the brands you would see in the US) and trucks.  A number of the drivers were looking at their cell phones.  We also viewed a large number of high rise apartment buildings that were grouped together in different areas.  Some looked rather new.

Viking is not allowed to bring its own ships to Russia.  They were required to purchase Russian ships so the lay out of the boat is different that the normal European river boat.  Vikng upgraded the amenities to their standard but the layout of the boat could not be changed, for example the stairs would not meet OHSA standards, but are what you would fined on a working ship, narrow and quite steep.