Aug. 2nd 2018 – Moscow at Night

We visited some of the same locations at we did during the day, but stopped just long enough  to take photos.  We stopped at a war memorial – remembering the 1812 war with Napoleon.  We also found out that Aug. 4th was Paratroopers Day and that was the reason for all the bleacher set up etc.  What we in the US would call veterans day.  We finished the evening with a boat ride.

One stop was from the sparrows lookout.  Tons of motorcycles were there during the day and twice as many at night.  Across the street was the Moscow University.  Everything in one building.  Classes – dorms and  administration.  It was one of Stalin’s seven points of light that circled the city.  The other six were all apartment building and we viewed one from the river portion of the trip. The elite received these apartments. During the Soviet period apartments allowed 54 square feet per person plus a small kitchen and bathroom. They were built in high rise blocks.  In 1991 at the end of the Soviet period people were given the apartment they were living in.  New private apartments are still built in the high rise block fashion but with larger living space.